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Suspended Cirque Review in the New York Post online

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“There’s something nostalgic about Suspended Cirque, the pint-sized local acrobatic troupe. Watching its performers, you think of a band of traveling players, once upon a time.”
— Leigh Witchel, NY Post

Suspended Cirque Featured on NBC New

NBC New York: Suspended Cirque, a Brooklyn-based aerial circus theater troupe, is attempting to raise the bar of entertainment. Using narrative, song, choreography and circus acts, the troupe creates a kind of Fuerza Bruta-meets-Avatar performance that doesn’t fail to captivate. Their latest flying drama, “Subterranea: An Urban Fairy Tale,” follows a man on a journey of self-discovery down Manhattan’s rabbit hole to a vibrant, twisted, thrilling world. For more information on this show and other upcoming performances, you can visit their website

Suspended Cirque Featured in the Village Voice

Michelle Dortignac, Ben Franklin, and Angela Jones of Suspended Cirque

Journalist/Photographer Celeste Sloman has featured Suspended Cirque in her recent article in the Village Voice. The company recently performed a few numbers at the Galapagos Art Space’s weekly Floating Kabarette. Before the show, Celeste came out to a Suspended Cirque rehearsal session at the Embody Collective in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where she took a series of great shots. See below image gallery by Celeste. There are are more images, and the whole article over at the Village Voice.

Suspended Cirque featured on BOSTON.COM

Benjamin Franklin and Megan Loomis in SUBTERRANEA

Boston Globe correspondent Karen Campbell interviewed Suspended Cirque co-founder Benjamin Franklin for this article about Suspended Cirque, and our upcoming performance at the Boston Center for the Arts this week.

“Welcome to Suspended Cirque’s “UnTamed: The Wild Underground,’’ a world premiere aerial circus theater work commissioned by the Boston Center for the Arts, to be performed Thursday night. Proceeds from the event will benefit various programs at the BCA.”

“Through Canadian companies like Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Éloize, productions that blend aerial acrobatics and circus skills with music, dance, and theatrical narrative have become mainstream entertainment. The five-member New York troupe Suspended Cirque is considerably more modest in scope, and the resulting intimacy is part of the point.”

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December 17, 2010: NY1 TV reporter Stephanie Simon features Suspended Cirque’s Aerial Holiday Performance on the NY1 Arts Report.

Thank you Stephanie Simon and NY1!

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December 2009: NY1 arts reporter Stephanie Simon features Suspended Cirque on the NY1 Arts Report.

The segment will run throughout today (Friday) and this weekend, but we have it right here!

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WOW! A great review of the 12 Acts of Christmas by Lauren Wissot is now online:
Better Than Santa: The 12 Acts of Christmas

Suspended Cirque Mini-Documentary by Particle Project

Theater Online review of Suspended Cirque’s URBANOPOLIS:

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“[Suspended Cirque] proves that heart and creativity trump dollars and glitz every time.”

“Sure, we all know that everything Fred did, Ginger did backwards and in high heels.
But everything Martha Graham’s protégés have done, Suspended Cirque is doing in mid-air. Dance only gives the illusion of flight, ‘Urbanopolis’ is the real deal.”
— Lauren Wissot,

TimeOut New York – URBANOPOLIS: Friday Pick for Your Perfect Weekend:

TimeOut New York - URBANOPOLIS: Friday Pick for Your Perfect Weekend

TimeOut New York – URBANOPOLIS: Friday Pick for Your Perfect Weekend

Scene4 Magazine review of Suspended Cirque’s URBANOPOLIS:

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“All of this is great fun. Suspended Cirque is inventive in its choreography, clever in its staging, and cheeky in its performance…”
— Michael Bettencourt, Scene4 Magazine

Leigh Witchel, Dance Writer (NY POST, Ballet Review)
on Suspended Cirque’s Across The Water

“…there was poignant intimacy in the daredevilry.”