”[Suspended Cirque] proves that heart and creativity trump dollars and glitz every time.”
– Lauren Wissot, TheaterOnline.com

(August 2009) Suspended Cirque returned to Galapagos Art Space in August 2009, with a site-specific Aerial Theatre Performance featuring a blend of Circus, Music, Acrobatics and Dance, to create the world of…

URBANOPOLIS: The newest creation of the dynamic troupe Suspended Cirque, who have been packing the house at Galapagos Art Space. This new show follows a young man as he falls into a futuristic urban labyrinth where sirens crawl along steel girders, a dying phoenix plays her violin as women float in chains, a mechanical doll comes to life and everything spins out of control. With the help of a mischievous pan-like creature, our young man tries to find his way back home.

This tale plays out in the air, on the walls, and in the water and invites the audience to become a part of the action, toasting the bacchanalian feast and feeling the heat of the performers. They delight in never quite knowing where to look or what to expect next as anything is possible in this urban jungle.

Image Gallery

URBANOPOLIS photos mostly by Carl Hutzler; a few by Kenneth Feldman.