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Suspended Cirque Featured on NY1

NY1 arts reporter Stephanie Simon features Suspended Cirque on the NY1 Arts Report.

The segment will run throughout today (Friday) and this weekend, but we have it right here!:

(Click on video below to play)

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Swingin’ at Jack’s: Aerial Circus Cabaret
Directed by Brian Rardin
Featuring Victoria Cave and her Band

Last Show This Sunday, April 25th!
Showtime: 8:00pm, pre-show at 7:30pm

Online purchase for Swingin’ at Jack’s here »

$25 Adult / $20 Student, Union, or 40’s Costume


See the article on here

Swingin' at Jack's Gets Rave Review on Broadway World

Gabrielle Sierra at Broadway World has posted a wonderful review of our currently running show “Swingin’ at Jack’s.”

Some great excerpts:

“The members of Suspended Cirque work their multi-talented butts off singing, dancing, and acting, so when you realize that they are also fully capable of twisting on ropes while suspended from the ceiling, well, it is just too cool.”

“One of the best acts is called “Girls Out On A Limb”. During this number all three ladies take to the trapeze, swinging in unison or succession, holding on to one another for vital support. I can’t even imagine the strength it takes to hold yourself up on a rope while also holding another woman by your ankles, but they do it with ease.”

“Swingin’ At Jacks’ provides the ideal mix of circus, theater, live music, and alcohol. The price is right, and the show is just long enough to act as your Sunday night’s main event or as a great starter to a longer evening.”

Read the whole review here »

Suspended Cirque Interviewed by Stephanie Simon of NY1

Stephanie Simon of NY1 interviewing Ben Franklin

Stephanie Simon of NY1 News interviewing Ben Franklin

Stephanie Simon, Arts Reporter at NY1 News, paid a visit to the Suspended Cirque cast today over at the Galapagos Art Space. We performed a few numbers for her on camera, and each of us did a short interview. Ms. Simon was great to chat with, and she made us all feel really comfortable.

The segment should appear on the NY1 television station early next week. We’ll let you all know when it’s airing.