Suspended Cirque

Suspended Cirque is New York City’s first Aerial Acrobatics Theater troupe, presenting a new genre of performance that integrates breathtaking aerial acrobatics, theater, choreography, music, dance, and circus.

”Suspended Cirque proves that heart and creativity trump dollars and glitz every time.”
– Lauren Wissot,

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The Suspended Cirque Story  ›

Suspended Cirque defines the "Nouveau Cirque" movement in New York City, with each show being drastically different from the last, relying heavily on the unique skill set of each performer.…

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Image Gallery and Videos  ›

See images from Suspended Cirque shows; Across the Water, Urbanopolis, The 12 Acts of Christmas, Swingin' At Jack's, Under The Tree…

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Upcoming Performance  ›

Suspended Cirque is excited to announce that our next performance will be in Manhattan, at the Theater for the New City: September 5-16, 2012…

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